10 Things To Know About Perth

Perth is one of the most frequently sought after destinations for local or faraway travellers in Australia, and it is easy to see why. The city is so full of sights and sounds that Perth hotels are frequently booked months in advance during the height of the tourist season. However, whether you have lived in the city of light all your life or are getting ready to make your first trip to the area, there are probably a range of things you might not have heard about but would appreciate learning about in advance. As a result, here are 10 things you might not know about Perth that might make you even more excited to check out this surprisingly wonderful city on the west coast of Australia.

The first thing you might not know about Perth is that the sunsets here are gorgeous. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a morning person, you owe it to yourself to get up early while resting in one of the many Perth hotels and check out the start of the day.

The second thing everyone should know about Perth but few people do is that there are miles of clean and pristine beaches just waiting to be explored. Cottesloe Beach is one of the best of them, and you can swim, snorkel, or surf to your heart’s content there.

Third, it’s a little known secret that there are a range of high end and affordable fashion and shopping opportunities scattered throughout the city. While Perth may not be the first city that comes to mind when people think of shopping in Australia, the truth is that just about anything you can find in Brisbane or Sydney can also be found in Perth.

The fourth thing you might not know about Perth is that the Fremantle Markets are more than 100 years old and excellent sources for just about anything home made or grown you could ever want. Be sure to check out the fresh fruit and vegetable stands available from local farmers.

The fifth thing everyone should know about Perth is that the Perth Zoo is one of the best in the continent. It’s open year round and has never been closed. Children under four visit free!

The sixth little known secret about Perth is that its dining opportunities are out of this world. Australian food is usually on the menu, but no one leaves hungry from the quality Perth restaurants.

The seventh thing you might not know about Perth is that the night club entertainment goes on all night. If you’re a bar enthusiast, check out the Brass Monkey or the Grapeskin Wine and Cellar Bar for live entertainment and excellent wine.

Eighth, transportation in Perth is surprisingly affordable yet effortlessly flexible. Look to Transperth for the schedules and tickets.

Ninth, the weather in Perth is about as good as it gets throughout the continent. It’s so sunny you might spend all of your time outdoors just taking things in.

Tenth, Perth is actually home to an impressive collection of museums that show off its rich historic past, as well as that of the general Australian continent. Get yourself an education during your vacation; you won’t regret it!