Best Tropical Vacation Spots

There are seemingly countless great tropical vacations available for people who enjoy sun and surf … gourmet dining … boating … fishing … live evening entertainment … dancing … great shopping … and even sightseeing.

These resort areas can be found in every corner of the globe – in North, Central and South America … in many parts of Europe … on sunny and pleasant Mediterranean islands … in northern Africa and southern Africa … in the great western Pacific … even in many parts of Asia.

Best Tropical Vacation Spots With so many options, virtually all of which are wonderful places for vacationers to relax and have fun, how do you choose the best one? Better yet, which destination deserves to be called one of the world’s finest destinations? Obviously, there is no easy answer. It is all subjective. Your vacation in Acapulco, Mexico, for example, may have been memorable, the best week you’ve ever spent away from home. However, another vacationer may have gone to that sun-splashed resort, suffered a severe sunburn (it gets blazing hot there in summer) and considers it, years after being there, “the worst vacation ever.”

So, because “one man’s meat is another man’s poison,” since there is no one perfect sport that will please everyone, I’m going to tell you which tropical vacation destinations are among the best in the world. My opinions are based, of course, on personal experience.

Let’s begin with the Caribbean island of Aruba. A former Dutch colony, this island which is close to the South American country of Venezuela, is cool and comfortable, windswept — the perfect vacation destination. The island’s hotels are all beachfront properties. The sand is clean and never too hot to walk on … the ocean is bathtub-warm and inviting … cuisine is world-class … and so is the shopping. Best of all, the weather is always sunny and pleasant.

The Spanish island of Ibiza is also a great destination for anyone interested in a “sun and fun” vacation. There are great hotels … beautiful beaches … wonderful restaurants and lively nighttime entertainment. Want more? Consider a trip to the Canary Islands. They are in the Mediterranean, between southern Europe and northern Africa … a favorite summer playground for Europeans (and Americans) looking for a one or two week break from hard work. The Algarve in southern Portugal may be one of the best destinations for people who like sand and surf at a reasonable price.

Charming hotels, affordable restaurants, good weather and friendly natives await anyone who chooses to go there. The same is true for tourists who select the Greek Isles (there are lots of them) for a week away from the office.

Of course, many Americans prefer to spend their vacation budgets in the United States. So … they head to Hawaii. The islands of Oahu and Maui draw millions of people each year … because there is no off-season.

There are also many, many outstanding resorts throughout Asia and in the western Pacific, but I’ve never been to any of them. Select any of the tropical resorts mentioned here and you are likely to have a vacation that will remain with you forever. You can make sure you never forget the great experience, too – bring a digital camera with you.