Hawaii Car Rental Coupons

For many of us, a vacation to Hawaii requires years of planning ahead and saving. Airfare to travel such a distance can really add up quickly, and the popular resorts that attract too many visitors to the beautiful islands are not economical. Give yourself a little extra spending money once you arrive by utilizing Hawaii car rental coupons. The deals change with each season, so look online in the month leading up to your trip to find a coupon that can save you anywhere from $30-$200! If you are planning to travel this summer we’ve found three great savings options for you:

1. Small savings add up. Have you thought about taking a day trip around the island by moped? Hawaiian Style Rentals is currently offering 20% off 24-hour moped rentals. Even if your accommodations are only for the day, take advantage of all the Hawaii rental coupons you can. Saving $10-$30 each day in this manner will add up over the course of your stay. Some of the best sights on Oahu are seen when you go off-roading in a Jeep – booking recreational vehicles for an afternoon are another great opportunity to cash in on short-term rental coupons.

2. Get the most out of package deals and bookings. Some resorts have business agreements with rental agencies that allow them to secure low rental rates. This allows them to create package lodging and transportation deals that will save you money. You may find similar Hawaii car rental coupons linked to your airfare booking. The partnerships forged between companies in the tourism industry are one of your best money-saving resources. The more you can commit to in advance, the more money you will save.

The Castle Resorts & Hotels have one of the most attractive package deals. Right now, if you book a stay at any of their Hawaiian properties at the regular rate, you will receive a free compact car rental from Dollar Rent-A-Car. If you need a larger rental vehicle, you can pay a nominal fee for the upgrade.

3. Stick with the trusted brands and cash in on standard Hawaii car rental coupons. Many of the big name rental agencies offer coupons online. These Hawaii car rental coupons can save you up to 15% on your weekly rental rate, or they may give you an opportunity for a free upgrade to a larger vehicle. You will most likely be required to book your reservation in advance to take advantage of these discounts.

An example is AVIS Car Rental, a company that offers coupons through the eCouponsHawaii program. The current offers are for 10% off a compact or full size rental, or $15 off a short-term rental. These deals are only available online, and the coupons expire mid June.

Hopefully we’ve highlighted some Hawaii car rental coupons that you can put to use during your next vacation. As mentioned earlier, the deals are constantly changing, so be sure to do your homework online to find the best discounts that suit your timeframe.

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