Hawaii Car Rental Discounts

You and your spouse are finally getting the time off to take an island vacation to Hawaii, but your list of sites and tourist attractions that you want to see is growing every day… with the right Hawaii car rental discount, you can hit every stop on your list without overspending! Look into rental options before you finalize your travel plans – you can save money and enjoy the freedom of your own vehicle all at the same time.

Why rent a car in the first place? Unless you are staying on Oahu, the road conditions are perfect for driving. If you have a rental car, you will be able to explore all that Hawaii has to offer without relying on public transportation or organized tour groups. You can set your own schedule, and see the sites and attractions that interest you most. You may not know this, but gas prices in Hawaii are actually lower than in the continental US, so the low fuel costs, along with Hawaii car rental discounts make rental vehicles a fun and affordable addition to your vacation.

Note that if you are staying in Oahu, the traffic can be a nightmare, so the trolley is the best way to get around near the beach. You will find that the other coasts are less crowded, so a Hawaii car rental discount plan will allow you to venture out further away from your hotel or resort.

How do I find Hawaii car rental discounts? Hawaiian businesses are designed to accommodate travelers, so contact rental agencies on the islands directly, rather than booking through a travel agent or secondary website. You may find Hawaii car rental discounts are already a part of your airfare and lodging package. These customizable package deals are especially popular during peak tourist season because they simplify reservations and are a very reliable example of one-stop shopping.

If you happen to be visiting during the off-season, you should have no trouble locking in a great Hawaii car rental discount. As you can imagine, rental fleet vehicles are not easily transported back to the states between travel seasons, so they tend to sit on the lot and are never rented out. When vehicles are backed up like this, the rental agencies will lower their rates to make renting appeal to a wider range of tourists and their families who might otherwise use public transportation.

You have places to go and people to see. The Hawaiian Islands offer an incredible amount of natural beauty for you to explore. The volcanoes are unlike anything you can find in the rest of the US. You can beach hop along Kauai, join throngs of tourists at Diamond Head, or experience a piece of history at Pearl Harbor. If you feel like a scenic drive, we recommend the byway that stretches nearly 40 miles from Kahului to the famous Haleakala Crater Rim on Maui. No matter how you decide to enjoy your vacation, a rental car will expand the possibilities and adventures.

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