Hawaii Car Rental

Planning a vacation to Hawaii? You and your family can explore the sights across the island at your own pace if you rent a vehicle, eliminating the need to rely on public transportation. You will enjoy a more leisurely getaway, and you will have the luxury of spending all day in one location, rather than abiding by the schedule of an organized tour group. Surprisingly, car rentals in Hawaii are very affordable, and you can make your reservation in advance by calling a rental agency or completing a simple online form.

Find a car rental agency that can accommodate the availability you need in the type of vehicle that you require. Whether you are staying for a long weekend or an entire month, your rental period should be uninterrupted. Week long rentals are fairly common, but if you will need a rental over a longer time period, make your reservation in advance, as the agency may need to borrow a vehicle from a fleet at another location. Check to make sure that there are no mileage limits, or restrictions as to where you can drive the rental vehicle. If you have a large group, be sure to specify that you need an SUV or economy class vehicle so that everyone can fit comfortably. Finally, if you plan on making day trips that will require an hour or more drive be sure to get a car with air conditioning and a good sound system to keep you comfortable and entertained until you reach your destination.

There are a number of reliable rental agencies that you can work with, so be sure to shop around. They may offer a number of discounts or promotions to try to get your business. For example, most agencies offer corporate discounts for Hawaii car rentals, as well as reduced rates for parties who rent more than one vehicle. Compare fees for additional drivers, young drivers, unlimited mileage, and late rental return costs. Some companies will give you a few hours grace period before charging you for an extra day on your rental at the end of your trip.

Vacations are supposed to help you relax, so ease your mind by opting for full insurance coverage on your rental vehicle. That way, if any emergencies do arise, or the car breaks down, you will be given a replacement the same day without any fees or hassle. Roadside assistance can take care of any minor problems, like a flat tire or cracked window, and get you back on the road in no time. The Hawaii rental car fleets are primarily made up for new, energy efficient vehicles that drive smoothly and won’t run up expensive fuel costs.

Let a friendly car rental representative welcome you to Hawaii and get your visit off to a great start. You will be impressed by the prompt and helpful service you receive at the time of your rental and throughout the duration of your stay. Set your own pace and plan your own adventures with a rental car for your next Hawaiian vacation.

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