How To Enjoy a Tropical Vacation

People who decide to book stays at tropical resorts for their annual vacations are likely interested in fun-filled activities like sunbathing, water sports, great cuisine and evenings packed with entertainment. It sounds wonderful, of course, and to expect anything less would be foolish.

Yet, many people who travel to places like Acapulco in Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe’s “fun and sun” destinations, the magical islands of Hawaii or elsewhere simply don’t go with a formula to maximize the time they spend on their tropical vacations and, too often, end up enjoying these fabulous locations less than they should.

There is no set rule on how one should enjoy time at a beach front, ocean front, 5-star resort hotel, but common sense should count for something. It all starts when you get off the plane and reach your hotel of choice. Often, for most American travelers, that will be sometime in late morning … plenty of time left during the day to enjoy a full day of vacation fun, without wasting your precious time.

Enjoying Tropical Beach So, since you’ve arrived at a place with pools and oceans that beckon you to jump in and cool off – do it. When you reach your hotel room, don’t waste time unpacking, change into your bathing suit and, armed with sun block or tanning oil, head right down to the pool or the beach. Remember: you are on vacation. Just be careful about sun burns while you are at it.

If you are a zealous sun worshiper, you may choose to stay at the pool side or on the beach for the entire day. That’s okay. If you do, consider trying some of the many water sports that are usually available at tropical vacation resorts – windsurfing … snorkeling … even deep sea fishing (rental boats are always available and ready).

It’s perfectly acceptable to “take a break” for lunch … especially if there is an open-air restaurant on the beach. Eat, drink, be merry … and enjoy yourself. When it’s time to leave the pool or the beach, stop for a cool and refreshing beverage at one of the outside bar or lounges in your hotel. Then go up to your room. Remember: you are on vacation … so you want to make every minute count. And that will happen if you do things differently than you do when at home.

It’s always a good idea to get to your room by 5 PM. That gives you enough time to take a shower, rest and relax, on your private terrace, if possible. When day turns to night, dress for the evening. You’re fully refreshed, ready for dinner and the entertainment that will follow. Stay up as late as you like, but make sure you don’t stay out so late that you miss the next morning by oversleeping.

You can do that when you return home. Right now, while you’re on vacation, time matters. Repeat the process of the first day – every day – to make sure that this vacation is memorable.