Naples Tourism

Naples, Florida is a beautiful city on the Gulf of Mexico. Located in the Southwest corner of the state, the city has many attractions and beautiful surroundings to see. Naples is located near The Everglades, a subtropical wetlands wilderness area that is a very interesting place to see, but the majority of visitors who go there in the summer months spend time on the beaches.

A trip to Naples would not be complete without a tour of The Everglades. There are driving tours sponsored by hotels as well as air tours and bus tours. Boat tours will provide the most realistic tour of all, and many times tourists make close contact with the alligators. Tour guides point out the plants and flowers that are unique to this environment. It is also possible to take an eco-tour of The Everglades. You can learn all about the plants and animals that are native to this interesting area from the tour guide who maneuvers the airboat.

The city is built around swampy areas, so swamp tours are a popular tourist attraction. Tour guides will point out birds native to the area, black bears, and unique orchids that grow on the edges of the swamps. These tours are for the entire family, but very young children may scare the wildlife away. Visitors have the opportunity to get close up to the swamp and the wildlife native to the swamp environment.

Island sailing is a great way to go sailing if you have never sailed before. You can let the tour guide do the driving while you enjoy the gorgeous sights. You can see Florida’s coastlines during the daylight hours and also see the sun set from the boat when you take a special Sunset Tour.

If you are looking for some indoor activities while you are visiting, the Naples Museum of Art is a small museum located next to the Philharmonic Hall. The building features an interesting Persian ceiling with a multitude of bright colors arranged in a unique pattern. One of their unique displays is a three-story sculpture that is very different from most sculptures that you would see in museums.

Golfing is a very popular activity all across Florida, and there are many golf courses in various resorts in the city, as well as on the outskirts. Tourists can play a round of golf at the Raptor Bay Golf Club, the first golf course in the world that was given the Audubon International Gold Signature Sanctuary Certification. There are 200 acres of preserved natural environment plus 22 acres of lakes with many species of birds and other wildlife in the area as you golf.

The Naples Pier costs nothing other than $2 for parking. It is a wonderful site where you can walk down the pier as if you are walking into the ocean. There is room to stop at the end where you can see the sun reflecting on the water or watch it set from this unique spot.

Tourists visit Naples every month of the year because of its warm climate. The summer is hot and humid with tropical breezes throughout the season. The average temperature during the day in summer is around 86 degrees. Daytime rain showers are common at this time of the year during the months between June and September. Winters are cool, but they allow for many outdoor activities with average daytime temperatures reach around 54 degrees with lows of 39 degrees at night. There is no snow or ice to worry about when visiting, but the chilly winter temperatures are not high enough for sunbathing or swimming in the Gulf of Mexico.