Tropical Travel Seasons

It’s a big world that we all live in; so big, in fact, that when it’s summer in North America, it’s winter in places like Australia and New Zealand because they are on the other side of the world. When the sun gets closer to cities and resorts in the United States and in the Caribbean islands, it gets farther away in the far-off western Pacific.

That’s why there are seasons when some tropical resorts are perfect for vacationers … seasons when it is better to avoid them. In general, however, most tropical resort locations tend to have good weather most of the year. That’s why they’re called tropical. However, there really are exceptions.

For example: it is better to visit Mexico’s resorts during the winter months. When it’s cold, snowy and damp in northern American cities, it is delightfully sunny and warm in Acapulco and the many other seaside resorts that line Mexico’s southern coast. But … book a week’s stay in Acapulco in July or August and it is so hot and humid, it’s actually difficult to step on the sand in your bare feet.

Tropical Travel Seasons That’s not pleasure … it is torture. And, in fact, many who have chosen to go there in mid-summer have returned home with severe sunburns. The same can be said for southern Florida. The south beach area is clearly a tropical paradise – in winter. In the summer, it’s so hot and humid the locals tend to remain indoors as much as possible. That kind of weather does not guarantee a pleasant vacation.

Interestingly, people who enjoy spending their vacation dollars in some of Europe’s best resort areas find that it’s important to book their trips during the summer months. Spain’s Costa del Sol, Portugal’s Algarve, the French and Italian Riviera resort destinations are all lively, fun-filled locations with great weather – in June, July and August. However, book a trip to one of these resorts in October, November or even later and you may find the ocean too cold for bathing and few tourists to enjoy the resort with you.

Obviously, timing is everything. There are, however, tropical resorts that are viable destinations every month of the year. The islands of Hawaii fit that definition. These resort islands enjoy great weather twelve months of every year and, as such, they are able to receive vacationers all of the time. Since there is no off-season, it is fair to say that Hawaii is a year-round tropical paradise.

Are there other such places around the globe? Yes … absolutely. Aruba, an island in the Caribbean, enjoys the benefit of constant trade winds that wash over its shores to keep the climate always pleasant and warm … but never hot. Other islands in the region offer similar benefits although, in some cases, summers can get a little too warm.

Tropical resorts in the Pacific offer similar positives and negatives. If that region is your area of interest, take some time to conduct a little online research so that you are sure you are picking the right ocean for your tropical themed trip.

One thing is certain: there will always be a tropical paradise that is perfect for your vacation … each and every month of the year.